About the client

Dan Brody is someone with an abundant experience working with Start-Ups and Mid-sized enterprises looking for growth opportunities as an individual. Dan is really passionate about working alongside like-minded people in Corporate settings. With a stronghold in addressing challenges that plague a company’s operations, development and growth opportunities; he inspired, motivated and empowered multiple startups and new ventures. Founder of Farbinder, Dan is a bookworm at heart who likes to read and discuss about books. Dan’s new venture Farbinder is a marketing network platform for small businesses. Farbinder offers online marketing tools to local businesses and community patrons to stay connected and in the loop with the local small businesses.

Problem Statement

Dan already had an MVP version of the app in place that he had created himself to test the waters. But at this stage, Dan was confused about the UI/UX of his app and was looking for an investor as well. In order to enlighten us about the vision and goal behind the app, Dan shared wireframes and mockup screens with us. After going through the designs, all of us were in the agreement that in order to make the application much more user-friendly and intuitive more features should be added. Also, for the success of the application UI/UX was a significant component,  which was missing in the initial app.

Our Solution

Conversations were going back and forth; we were in touch with Dan for over two months regarding the development and revamping of his mobile application. During this time Dan was also in contact with other teams, but he kept circling back to us. To clear things outs and provide Dan with the clarity and blueprint for his project, we suggested that he try our Wired In India program, where he can fly to India, brainstorm with us and tick a lot of items off his bucket list. Dan agreed to the idea and prepared for a one-week trip to India. Upon his arrival, we gave him an Indian style welcome and introduced him to the team that he might be working with. For things to go smooth and to utilize the one week slot optimally, we created a well-defined plan. As Dan pointed out earlier that UI/UX is an indispensable part of the app we recommended and planned a design sprint session with him. RELATED: Dan’s Visit to India

Design Sprint Session

Design Sprint is the process of structured brainstorming for answers that are critical for the development of the business. Design Sprint mainly focuses on designing, prototyping and testing different approaches. It helps in saving development time and money by solidifying concepts and building the groundwork for wireframing. Our Design Sprint session with Dan helped us visualize his business vision and goals and plans for the future. It also provided us with early stage clarity and feedback for improvement. We went step by step from setting up the problem statement to creating multiple solutions and choosing the optimum one. As Dan was also looking for investors, we performed a fun role-play exercise where our CEO Ayush Jain played the character of Dan and Dan acted as an investor. This provided Dan with an opportunity to ask the crucial questions and collect profound insights on what any investor out there might ask him in the near future.

About Farbinder

Ever wondered what all special deals and offers are going in the local market in your area?  Want to stay updated on deals and opportunities local businesses have to offer? Well, Farbinder is the answer to all your questions. With Farbinder you receive detail of local merchants right at your fingertips. Farbinder helps you discover someplace new that’s just around the corner, browse local events and announcements, check out local reviews and look up businesses and stuff local folks have for Sale or Giveaway. For business owners, it provides an opportunity to advertise their products and services. They can create offers and deals which users can get and redeem once they are at the store.


iOS App, Android App


Business and Lifestyle

Our Learnings

Ameliorating User Interface to boost and uplift the User Experience.
Making application on time experience better by providing quotes by the app fetches contacts from the phone.
Effectively setting and scaling the image size ratio for handheld devices.

Technologies involved

React Native
Volley API
AWS Analytics
YP image picker
Google Map Integration
Backend – JAVA


Session Time Out

Have you ever came across an app where you have to log in every time as soon as you leave the application? It is frustrating, right? Well, similar was the case when we revamped the Farbinder app. In the initial testing process, our team found out that every time the user leaves and close the app, he/she have to log in again to access the application. In order to provide an unbeatable user experience and satisfaction, this was a pitfall that needs to be addressed promptly and accurately. After careful observation and analysis, we came up with a solution that was adding a class file in the original code. This fixed the issue.

Fetching Contacts

Farbinder has a section within the app where users can invite other people. The application skims through and fetch data from the smartphone and reveals the list of contacts. Initially, the app was taking a tremendous amount of time to pull and display data from the device. To cope up with the issue and provide a reliable application we stored the contact in the app right after the initial launch. So as soon as a user launches the app, the contacts are stored within the app, making sure that whenever a user tries to invite his/her contacts the list is visible to them. To further enhance the UX part of the app, we fused amusing quotes and progress bar in the app. So by the time users wait for the contacts to load, they can see how many of the contacts are added and enjoy reading quotes at the same time.

Stabilizing Image Aspect Ratio

We live in a world full of technological advancement. While you are reading this some kind of new technology is probably emerging in some part of the world. Same goes with the handheld devices, every day we came across with a piece of news that one or another smartphone manufacturer launched a new device. It becomes challenging to maintain a single aspect ratio for all the devices. To counter this problem and show accurate content to the users, we optimized the image aspect ratio according to the device pixel ratio.

Communication With The Client

When you are working with a client who lives overseas, it becomes imperative for both the parties to execute effective communication. You have to make sure that communication is clearly and continuously. There might be the case where due to communication gap certain task end up incomplete or incorrect, resulting in the incurring of additional development time and money. To make sure that the communication between our development team and client go smoothly, we used to have daily calls and standups. We made sure that we have a two-way conversation where both the parties are aware of what is going on with the development of the application. We leveraged online collaboration tools such as JIRA and slack to ensure proper communication. RELATED: Most Effective Way To Write Meeting Minutes

Faster Video Uploads

One of the essential traits of any good mobile app is speed and how quick it load and upload content. “Being one of the apps where users can upload videos and images and share them with the whole community, it becomes inevitable that the app uploads content as quickly and swiftly as possible – Dan pointed out in one of the development calls.” And this was entirely true. No one likes the app that takes ages to upload any content. To make it possible for the app to upload videos at an accelerated speed without losing the quality, we incorporated a video compressor in the app. This not only serves users to upload content faster but also saves memory space on the smartphone.



Are you one of those people who likes to travel and explore the world? Who loves to go on adventures and discover new things? Then don’t worry we got you covered. Farbinder is equipped with geolocation which means that wherever you go you can take advantage of offers and services of that area. This provides users a chance to get acquainted with the local vendors and community of that area and avail deals there.

Card-Based Layout

Right from the beginning where the initial talk about developing an application to the design sprint session and until the very end of the deployment of the application UI/UX was one thing that both Dan and our development team kept emphasizing on. During the design sprint session, we tried out multiple layouts for the application; we also did A/B testing to comprehend which layout suits best for the app and which would appeal to the users the most. After brainstorming and pondering long over this issue, it came to our understanding that card/tile based layout would be the best for the application. Card-based layout provided us with manifold advantages like – (A) Aid in providing a responsive platform (B) Enhance user experience (C) Makes content more scannable

News Updates and Social Sharing

One of the notable features that Farbinder offers is the ability to get news and updates about the deals and offers going on in your vicinity. Business registered with Farbinder can post special offers and deals which can be redeemed by users.Along with that the application also supports sharing content on multiple social media networks.

Crash Analytics

Farbinder is integrated with AWS crash analytics. This provides us a base for monitoring and analyzing and making sure that the application works optimally. AWS crash analytics cover areas of mobile developments like screen tracking, crash reporting, analytics, push notification services, etc.

App Screenshots

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