About the client

The client is an industry veteran in the field of education and motivation. The client is working to aid students in making an informed and confident choice concerning their future education. He is working to provide a unique set of tools that could help users compare and rate online degree programmes. The idea was to create a platform which could leverage technology to provide the necessary information required by a student to apply for a degree – anytime anywhere on the handheld.

Problem Statement

Finding the right school and program is critical for students to achieve their goals. One of the most significant challenges faced by students is the unorganized and incomplete information available while applying for a college degree. Admission personnel is not available 24×7, and email or phone campaign may not provide the required outcome. Most of the time it is seen that once a student has asked for additional information, providing follow up is not an easy task. The need for a proper channel or medium arises due to situations like these. The client wanted to create a platform which would empower students to gain the information required to apply for a degree and ease the process of enrollment for them.

Proposed Solution

To provide end-to-end enrollment and engagement solutions to the students, we created Emma – a personal assistant. Emma provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform to ease the process of admission. Prospective students are provided with the pre-application and post-application solutions. Emma takes care of all the tasks from initial enquiry to the final enrollment. Emma is the communication and technology bridge for students, keeping all the enrollment-related functions organised and easily accessible.

Technologies Involved

  • Operating System – iOS and Android
  • Database – Local Database – SQLite
  • Third-party Integrations
      – Payment Gateway
      – Firebase for Message Notification
      – Google Drive
      – Dropbox


iOS and Android Frontend mobile development



Our Learnings

  • Developing a platform for iOS and Android and incorporating with AWS server
  • Initiating deep Analysis to gather insights related to the platform


Handling Question Dependencies using Tables

To make the flow of questions smooth, we create and maintain a question bank in the form of a table. The table consists of two types of questions – independent and dependent. Independent Type Questions –  these are always available for student viewing Dependent Type Questions – these questions are dependent on what answer user gave to the previous question.

App and Data Flow

Whenever the user leaves the application, information is cached so that one can resume from the same question screen they exited upon. Users are not bound to enter every detail as soon as they leave the app.

Incorporating different types of Questions

There are multiple types of questions integrated into the app – Single type, Multiple types, and Text Input. type. Aside from the regular types, the application also supports Static Screen for displaying particular information and Storage Type questions for aiding in uploading documents.


Document/Media Submission

We equipped the application with the ability to submit documents and media directly to the Universities, enhancing the user experience and saving them the trouble to individually go and send documents via post.

Payment Gateway added

After filling all the necessary details and submitting the required documents, the final payment has to be made. To make this process effortless and comfortable for the users we incorporated payment gateways in the application.

Text Based Notification

The application consists of a separate Message Tab, which acts as a center for all the notifications. If University wants any specific document from the user, they can send the text notifying the user about their requirements.

Database to Handle Questions

All the questions are maintained in a separate database making it easier to manage and edit whenever required.

App Screenshots

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