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We are an EHR software company that has designed EHR Software that can digitally collect patient medical records, such as treatment plans, medications, demographics, test results, immunization dates, radiology images, and more.

We offer custom-build EHR solution across the world

Explore our customizable, cost-efficient, and easy to access solutions that accomplish your patients’ needs in a minimal time-frame.

Electronic Health Record

Our EHR system is aligned to meet the vast demands of an extensive and diverse network of healthcare service providers.

Practice Management

Our comprehensive tool, like practice management, can improve your medical service providers’ efficiency,  patient flow, and medical billing processes.

Mobile Technology

As a leading mobile EHR provider, our services have an advanced cloud, and we design the EHR application that can deliver benefits or provide information anytime, anywhere.

Billing Processes

The inventory management system EHR platform features with uncomplicated EHR device integration, and we have designed it to integrate your in-office apparatus with our software technology seamlessly.

Discover how our EHR solution has improved your clients’ practices!

Electronic Prescribing

Our E-Prescribing service platform connects more than 40,000 prescribe pharmacies across the country and offer them features such as:
  • Medication reconciliation
  • An up-to-date drug knowledgebase
  • Complete medication information from pharmacies
  • Dose adjustment based on age & weight
  • Mail order and retail pharmacies
  • Process refill requests via the portal of patients and pharmacies
  • Real-time prescription eligibility and formulary
  • Controlled substance e-prescribing

Workflow Automation

Integrated workflow modifies your preferences and practice style, empowers you to personalize your operations truly. This automation system mirrors your unique existing processes and reinvigorates them with robots automation and collaboration tools.
From Key Performance Indicator dashboards to enterprise scheduling, data mining reports, intelligent billing, and EHR, all valuable aspects of the system are integrated with the option of customization to accelerate the processes of learning, adoption and service throughput.
  • Optimize Collaboration
  • Improve Productivity
  • Decrease Cost and Risk
  • Accelerate Revenue Cycle
  • Enhance Service Quality
  • Engage Patients
  • Ensure Compliance

Electronic Labs

Smart lab interfacing technology connects all your favorite labs that help you send orders and get all the updates electronically from most labs.

Partner with Us to Build Cutting-edge EHR solution

Our domain expertise, healthcare EHR experts, and a swiftly growing healthcare clientele that makes us a notable digital healthcare technology partner.
  • Increase Your Bottom-line
  • Increase Your Efficiency
  • Increase Your Patient Visits
  • Integrated, Interoperable, and Customizable
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance & Free Upgrades
  • Top-Rated Support
  • Uptime Guarantee

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