We offer mobile application development for both individual customers and enterprises. Our focus has always been on differentiating our clients from similar service providers. Our developers have multi-platform capabilities (including iOS and Android). Being a design sprint led company, we run design sprints of 5-6 days in order to help client visualize the flow of complete app.
Our ‘Digital Transformation with Mobility’ solutions work across the industries including Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, Workplace, Education and like. Our team of experts work to get the best possible results with awesome mobile apps.
Mobile App Outsourcing Guide


Our Cloud services enable retailers to meet consumer expectations during all phases of their shopping experience. We also power brick and mortar retailers to keep their customers engaged with latest technology solutions.
Our Education Mobility solutions include apps that facilitate networking, messaging, exchanging and sharing of docs, audio video learning etc. Learning is fun with our apps.
Our Mobility solutions will power your logistics operations with Geo Location Tracking, Payment, Analytics, Service Booking, Mobile Apps for Customers and Drivers and much more.
Mindbowser along with its clients helped many app users stay fit and healthy. We develop solutions that help you achieve your fitness goals by tracking calories, recommending diet plans and tracking your exercise routine.

Use Cases


Mindbowser along with a client developed a simple loyalty program that provides a point-based reward platform on mobile devices. Small businesses face significant problems when engaging customers of the current generation. With this mobile application, customers seamlessly engage with a business’ reward program through Bluetooth beacons when they visit the store, increasing their participation rate.
This app also provides detailed engagement pattern to Admin with Analytics dashboard. Which helps to make important decisions to improve it further. The app resulted in average 28% increased customer engagement at stores.


Mindbowser worked with a client and developed an app based on an ingenious idea where people would share photos and videos online and also vote for the most likeable ones and one with the highest number of votes will be declared as the winner. App allows users to upload videos & photos to compete for cash and prizes.
We also integrated a growth hack where users can also invite their friends and families to participate. This improved the participation rate as well as new sign ups for the app. Being a great platform to launch creativity, app has been widely accepted across multiple countries.