The Internet of Things (IOT) is not just technology used in everyday life but it also has a huge business potential. A potential to transform your business. You can rest all the heavy work of solving your enterprise challenges on our shoulders and focus on core business operations. The rise of cloud computing, reduced costs and seamless connectivity have elevated the growth of IoT to the whole new level. We don’t just focus on wide array of IoT applications, but also work on mitigating the risk involved.
Our Digital Transformation with IoT processes provides great capabilities to your business. They range from Connected Health, connected transportation to Connected Workplaces. Looking at the current trend and the way IoT is transforming all major business verticals, it’s obvious that if you do adapt quickly, your business is going to be a success. So lets allow IoT to transform your business and welcome it with open arms..
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Connected Healthcare
Connected Healthcare will enable you with enhanced patient experiences, much better EMS communications, advanced lab tests, assets tracking and improved staff efficiency.
Connected Logistics
Connected Logistics services include Storage Conditions Control using sensors, RTLS, Fleet Management, Inventory Management, Workforce Management, Chatbots for Customer Service and Employee Monitoring.
Connected Workplace
We work with smart sensors, beacons, automation and analytics tools to make your employee’s work lives safer, easier and much more productive. Our solutions also help you save energy and operating costs.
Connected Insurance
Our IoT Insurance services will help you with cyber security, better manage risks, subscriber loyalty, improved sales opportunities, customer relationships, geo-awareness using IoT sensors and smarter incentives.
Connected Manufacturing
Connected Manufacturing is no longer just a dream. It has been a reality for quite a long time. We equip manufacturers with smart sensors, RTLS, mobility, cloud, automation and next generation analytics tools.
Space Management
Our space management solutions empower businesses with the Hardware, Software, Services and Expertise they need to build a sensor based solution for space management of any scale. Derive the best possible returns on your investment.

Use Cases


Mindbowser and a leading logistics service provider from California worked together on Digital Transformation with IoT for the organisation which resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction and 20% increase in orders.
We built a solution that was extremely easy to deploy and use. Our efforts resulted in 20% more efficiency for everyday employee tasks, 15% reduction in overall energy and utility costs, almost doubled security coverage and extremely delighted client. This proves the business potential of IoT solutions.


Mindbowser worked with a client and developed a solution that provides an ultra-portable endoscopic visualization platform with HIPAA-compliant cloud-based data storage. The system works with all analog endoscopes to offer clinicians both white light and narrow band imaging. Endoluxe empowers the physician-surgeon with the ability to perform endoscopic procedures in any setting, at any moment, with an integrated suite of software features connected within the cloud.