Chatbots work as your customer service and interaction engine. It’s customer interaction potential is beyond doubt. Be it health, retail, banking or education, chatbots have a potential to transform how your business interacts with key stakeholders. Recent boost in the use of messenger apps have multiplied the utility of chabots by many folds.
Our Digital Transformation processes powered by Chatbots provide you customer service opportunities you would have never imagined before. Realising it’s importance, businesses have already started with Chatbot development. So leave your interactive operations to chatbots while you focus on vital business operations.
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Our Healthcare chatbots will enable your interaction with patients in most efficient way. They follow up for treatments, answer patient's queries, recommend medicines and much more.
Our Chatbots give real time feedback to employees, provide guidance, brings team interaction on one platform and facilitate staff coaching.
We develop chatbots that help users place orders, send shipment updates and details to customers and answer to user queries.
Promote and sell your products with Chatbots made for your e-commerce business. Chatbots also offer great customer service by replying to their queries within seconds.

Use Cases


Mindbowser and a leading provider of skincare products built a Facebook chatbot that helps users shop skincare products via Facebook Messenger. Users can also consult an expert before purchasing a product.
The Facebook Page of company already had good no. of followers. The integration of chatbot resulted in 20% more orders from existing customers and 10% increase in new customers. Because of automated customer service, the lead time for answering queries reduced from few hours to few seconds.


Mindbowser worked with a client and developed a solution that provides answers to queries submitted by user. Queries which need expert opinion get forwarded to specialists. Even though users will be using Facebook Platform, their identities and questions asked remain anonymous.
Over 900 million users being already present on Messenger platform, the Chatbot presents enormous opportunities for our client. It has been appreciated by thousands of users just within few days of it’s launch.