Global Design Thinking Research Report – 2018

What You’ll Learn

  • The Role of Design Thinking in startup growth
  • Motivation factors behind Design Thinking
  • In which phases Design Thinking is used
  • Best part of Design Thinking
  • Constraints of Design Thinking
  • Ecosystem catalysts, ecosystem restraints, and their impact on the market growth

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Survey Highlights

The study focuses on understanding the role of ‘Design Thinking’ in startup growth and it’s adoption in the startup ecosystem. The objective is to understand and forecast industry trends and business sentiments

The survey was conducted over the period of July 2017 – September 2017. Questionnaires and interviews were major data collection tools. 400+ individuals participated from a wide array of industries including Information Technology, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Logistics, Sports & Entertainment etc.

In-depth data analysis is done with Graphs, Pie-Charts and data tables. We tried our best to derive the most accurate results and crystal clear trends. From our research, it is quite clear that design thinking is proving to be a major catalyst for startup growth.

This research study is conducted by Mindbowser. Mindbowser is a Design Sprint led development solutions provider offering its services across multiple industries.

Who should download ?

  • Businesses thinking to adopt Design Thinking Methodology
  • Industry Leaders looking for new Innovation in products, services or experiences
  • Design Thinking Researchers & Strategists
  • Product Design Firms
  • Design Sprint enthusiasts
  • Technology Bloggers

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