Learn all about Google’s Secret of Building Successful Products

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Key Takeaways:

Learn all about Google’s secret sauce- The Design Sprints. Design Sprints are used by companies like Uber, Apple, Netflix etc to understand what your users really want. What makes them tick and stick to a product and how to know it beforehand. Ofcourse, there is a method to the madness and Vish Sande, professional facilitator and design principles head at Mindbowser will take you through each aspect of it.
The methodology is the greatest hit of design thinking, Lean Startup-style business strategy, innovation, behavioral science, and more, packaged into a battle-tested method any team can use. In this fun, fast-paced, hands-on webinar, you’ll learn by doing as Vish leads you through a complete decision making cycle- compressed into a webinar.


Vish comes with a rich experience of working with the startups and has helped 20+ startups build their products. He leads UI/UX at Mindbowser and is successfully running the Google Design Sprint for last 3 years.