About the client

BeaconMedaes is a leader in medical gas and laboratory gas systems. Within the medical gas market, they specialize in NFPA and HTM-ISO standard products. They are known as one of the world’s largest medical gas service providers. BeaconMedaes has inherited its DNA from its parent company, Atlas Copco.

About Beacon Medaes

BeaconMedaes was looking for an experienced and committed programming team to develop a tool that acts as a product configurator on the go and aid sales. The solution was to be deployed on the web, iOS, and Android. BeaconMedaes sales team needed assistance to come up with the best possible scenarios and product variations during any meeting with customer and taking inputs from the customer. The other problem we faced while moving ahead was related to parsing excel sheet. We had to come up with an effective way to parse data from excel sheet and project it on an easily accessible way for the users.

Our Solution

On understanding the client requirements, we proposed to start with a discovery phase where we helped them finalise the flow, features and created each screen. Our goal was to have the app clearly storyboarded with all flow and routines clearly defined. We spent more time in this phase so that coding and deployment phases could be smooth. Also, Beacon Meades being a large company meant that the decisions had to be passed through multiple layers.
The idea was to enable a salesperson with a system that will provide the precise estimation of  how many controllers, receivers, filters etc. are required. He would just need to provide the technological requirements, select sizing methods and configurations and other required parameters. The system will process all the inputs and suggest the best possible set of solutions /equipment.
After freezing the features, we moved towards the development phase. The development was smooth enough as we had a well-articulated plan ready since the first phase. Our team of designers did their job of ‘dressing up’ the app in the most aesthetic way  possible and scored perfect marks from the client.


BeaconMedaes is a leading specialist in the designing, supply, and installation of the piped medical gas distribution system. BeaconMedaes aims to be the world’s most often specified brand when related to medical gas and laboratory gas product. BeaconMedaes is focused on providing innovative sustainable solutions that create value for their customers.The application assists the designer of a vacuum system with the elements needed for the total system.


iOS App, Android App, Web App


Medical Equipment and systems

Our Learnings

Developing and deploying an iOS and Android application within 4 months Implementing technology to boost sales of an enterprise

Technologies involved

iOS – Swift
Android – Android Studio
Database – Local Database
Third Party Library for Parsing
Dropbox Integration

Wireframes to design


Excel sheet parsing

One of the major challenges we faced while developing the application was the Excel sheet parsing. The design of the project was intended to revolve around a central file, so making sure that no errors were made was necessary.

Application Design

Another challenge was to provide the client with a robust application which will handle all the tasks in the most efficient way for a not so tech savvy team.

Database design and management

Providing and maintaining a stable and updated database was a blockade we had to deal with.

Web Assistance

To provide a clearly outlined and fully functional website we took the development and maintenance of the website in our hands.

How challenges were dealt

Precisely Defined Excel Sheet

We added multiple options for selecting the sizing method (CGA, NFPA and HTM) for users, depending on their need. All of the data had to be fetched from an excel sheet and directly projected onto the device screen.

UI/UX optimization

To provide a robust application we took a design-oriented approach. We created multiple designs and tested them to find out which design would be most user-friendly and easy to use.

Personnel to handle maintenance

To make sure that everything works brilliantly on the website we appointed a specific personnel just to monitor the website experience on different browsers and also take care of all the maintenance.

App Screenshots

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